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Babies have particularly fragile and reactive skin. It is necessary to take care of it from the first days after birth to avoid any skin problem, which may appear from the start or later ….
The baby needs a gentle, nourishing, hydrating care.
SANTE BIO & PROSPERITE has selected ingredients to make the most natural soap possible for daily grooming.
The natural assets of this treatment nourish body.

We recommend the use of a soap rather than a shower gel; soap has many advantages.
It is notably easier to find a soap without chemical agent, unlike the shower gel which will need emollients, foaming additives and others to obtain a certain texture and appearance.
Soap also has a longer shelf life.

How to use soap to Use on Babies?

This natural treatment is easy to follow for all skin types of babies.

It is to be done 2 times a day with its accompanying oil.

Soap Ingredient:
1-freshly extracted organic carrot and turmeric juice

2-Plant extracts

3- water

4-organic aloe vera juice.

5- red palm oil

6- Shea butter

7- plant extracts (important ingredients)


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