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A pack of soap and oil which is intended to illuminate the skin, thanks to its high richness in rejuvenating vitamin A which helps to lighten the complexion and make it more uniform and more luminous.

This complete treatment is also anti-aging because it is very hydrating, softening and restores elasticity and suppleness to the skin thanks in particular to aloe vera, plant extracts, carrot macerate on organic apricot oil as a super fat. additional.

In addition to the ingredients of the treatment, this soap receives a good amount of organic plant extracts and very clearing for a very fast effect in less days.

The synergy of organic essential oils of carrot, basil, cinnamon, blood orange, sweet orange, lemony lemon celery and organic rosemary Co2 extract, reinforces the lightening and vitamin effect of the soap while giving it a fruity, sparkling scent, hot and spicy at the same time which gives happiness in the morning to be in a good mood all day

How to use soap to remove stretch marks?

This natural treatment is easy to follow for all skin types that want to be very hydrated and softened.

Then spread a layer of natural soap, gently massage for 2 minutes all the essential places on your body, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes before taking your shower or bath.

It is to be done twice a day and, pass its accompanying oil.

After showering or bathing, dry the skin well and apply aloe vera and turmeric oil and other plant extracts for best results in no time.or
apply to the face for 20 minutes before bathing

Soap Ingredients

1-freshly extracted organic carrot and turmeric juice

2- Alum and lemon juice

3- Water

4-Organic aloe Vera juice.

5- Red palm oil

6- Shea butter

7- plant extracts (important ingredients)

8- very clear plants and extracts


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